Repair & Maintenance – $95.00 per hr.

Set up Network – $95.00 per hr.

Remote Network Administration – $95.00 per hr.

Tutorial – $55.00 per hr.

1/2 hour min.

On site at your home, office or my office.

• Remove unwanted Files and programs
• Eliminate Spy ware that tells unauthorized advertising agencies what web sites you visit
• Scan for and Remove Viruses
• A Virus can wipe out all your data and completely wipe out your computer with no notice!
• Back up your Data

Complimentary Diagnostics

See if your computer is capable of improved performance by adding:
• Memory
• Sound Card
• Video Card
• Hard Drive
• DVD Burner
• Blue Ray player
• Web Cam
• High Speed Internet Access
• Wireless Networking
• External Hard Drive
• Online Back up Solutions